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💥A $3bn secret project on Telegram Open NetworkTON Board received a document prepared by Swiss Digital Group, an accredited financial intermediary under FINMA supervision, Switzerland. This document has been shared with the exchanges to facilitate liquidity for Grams.Key items:▫️the company operates under the Gram Vault brand;▫️Gram Vault is going to provide services to more than 70% of investors of the second round and about 40% of investors the first round;
▫️the total amount of assets under custody may reach $3bn, assuming Gram price of $3.00;
▫️Gram Vault provides liquidation services to the Investors of TON and connected to the major exchanges.

The document also provides an extensive overview of TON technology, fundraising history, current status, and valuation of Grams. The document ends with a proposal to an exchange to provide both inventories of Grams and market-making services in Gram pairs. Thewebsite of the companyis remarkably brief. Among the services of the company are:
▫️Storage of Grams;

If these statements are correct, Gram Vault will be the largest player in the Gram market both in terms of liquidity and other core services for the largest investors in TON. According to our sources at least four out of ten major exchanges are in talks with the company.Become an investor -

Ruby Hutt


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Erna Procter

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No hope No rich Do not forget to suffer Desperation and Poverty and Hopelessness Welcome to COMSA

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Arnold Kennedy

Look like an innovative project. Just a suggestion. I think admin must use Telegram Auto 2019 version for reaching more potential crypto enthusiasts. It's great for adding members from other ICO groups and sending bulk automated messages to other group members. Following youtube video is more helpful.

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Ramon Clem

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⛱ komdo

Yes des 2050

They will never list on binance, and maybe never on any liquid exchange.